GRAWE BC overcomes market challenges reaching full occupancy back


Grawe Nedviznosti / Grawe Insurance Skopje is an insurance company with 100% privately owned capital, part of the Austrian insurance company GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG AG (GRAWE) in Gratz. In September 2010 GRAWE Nedviznosti received an operations permit for it’s 8th level – Class A Office project on the central business district in Skopje with 2.779 sqm aboveground TBA. The architectural design of the building was awarded by the prestigious local manifestation recognizing local design solutions.

The Challenge

The client provided a superior project to a challenging and developing market undergoing expansion after a longer period of stagnation. The owner sought a deeper insight on the current market state and trends to provide for its project an optimal positioning.

The Solution

Forton was selected as an exclusive real estate consultant due to the extensive track record and experience, to represent GRAWE in the lease acquisition process including identification of potential tenants, negotiation of terms and conditions as well as the finalization of lease agreements.

The Result

The provided market insight as well as the coordinated effort resulted in development of a proper positioning, pricing and negotiation strategy that differentiated the project as a prime office building. In less than two years we have managed to overcome the market challenges and our successful cooperation reached 100% occupancy of the business center, with a most optimal lease portfolio.