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FORTONMKA team supports and empowers investors to make the most of their potential and maximize the value of their residential developments. Our focus on residential markets ensures that you benefit from tailored expertise in this dynamic market. Experience the transformative power of strategic insights, data-driven decisions, and collaborative support – all aimed at optimizing your investment.

Our team of experienced professionals offers a scope of services for residential projects for every phase of development:


Successful real estate development is achieved by an in-depth approach. Assessing the project feasibility, detailed assessment of the residential market and the competitive landscape within the industry, identifying emerging trends, reducing risk and calculating projections of the expected success, revenue projections when the project is positioned on the market.
Our team prepares feasibility studies to determine the highest and best use of the land, point out strengths and weaknesses of a project, ensure that the project provides a certain profit level or exceeds certain financial feasibility thresholds. The main purpose of a feasibility study is to provide a predictive analysis of the success of the overall project and the probability of various outcomes. A feasibility study will also weigh competitor data, municipal-specific requirements, demographic trends, and macroeconomic implications – developers will have much more insight into a project’s potential delays. The feasibility studies are mostly used in securing bank financing and securing access to finance.


Market research is the preliminary step that every investor must take before positioning a project on the market to ensure the best outcomes. It consists of evaluating the viability of a real estate development, determining the potential of a certain city or district, detailed assessment of the residential market and the competitive landscape within the industry, identifying emerging trends, while reducing risk when the project is positioned on the market.


By developing a structured plan for marketing and sales we aim for increased project visibility, detecting most efficient marketing channels and defining the best competitive price. The marketing strategy is crucial for identifying the target market and customer expansions. The sale strategy identifies, optimizes and measures sales performance and contributes to efficient project completion.


We provide on-site real estate brokers with diverse residential background expertise and portfolio with over 2.000 successful transactions. Our team has worked on various project categories such as skyscrapers, mountain resort homes, gated communities and mixed use residential complexes. In addition, we offer our unique developed software that consists of client database, client marketing sources, transaction details and crucial information for continued improvement for best performance. Our services are tailored for each project individually and consist of:

Pre sales activities: Detailed research of the residential market and competing projects, financial analysis in order to determine the best competitive price and multi-platform marketing before positioning the project on the market.

Sales activities: Continued residential market and financial monitoring, consistent marketing, guiding clients throughout the complete sale (learning client preferences, apartment viewing, repeated visits), all legal and administration process (drafting agreements, notary and attorney communication, client Q&A regarding the agreement), and final signing of the agreements.

Post sales: Continuous client communication, leading the handover process, technical issues handling and reporting.


Sasho Cvetkovski

Head of Residential Agency

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