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Corporate Occupiers and Investors Services

Property and Asset Management

Forton’s property management offer is aimed at protecting and increasing the value of its clients’ assets, enhancing their market positioning and overall reputation. How does it work? Through well-informed process management, timely reporting and proactive approach to occupiers’ needs. We guarantee careful stewardship during the entire course of the real estate lifecycle. We implement the best practices to achieve cost efficiency and identify opportunities which boost real estate investments’ financial performance and deliver lasting results. 

How we can help

Set-up management
Forton can help set up real estate operation by taking into account recurring and provisional costs, capital expenditures and service excellence. Our experts will deliver a tailored, flexible plan. Forton has expertise to advise on and facilitate: 

  • apportionment procedures for the management and maintenance budget;
  • service charge projections;
  • item allocation;
  • tendering specifications
  • and finally tender all necessary service contracts.

Our property management specialists possess the key skills set to lend full support from defining your comprehensive on-site management structure to assistance in the recruitment and training of employees. We will assist on contracting all necessary insurance associated with the project and arrange every detail regarding internal regulation code and tenants register.
Ongoing management
Through our integrated service Forton’s consultants will coordinate each process and provide tactful solutions in order to achieve stable occupancy, minimize expenditures and optimize your lease terms. Our advisors will comprehensively assist the settlement all financial and administrative services, including financial control of invoicing process, rent and service charge collection, and provide on-time solutions in relation to bank account administration and accounting services. On behalf of our client, we will reconciliate occupier expenses and manage all tenant inquiries, assisting with negotiations, subletting and relocation. We are aware of each property needs and work hard to avoid the physical deterioration of the assets. Through our first-class facility management service we make sure that all the required technical standards are met and the plant and equipment are fully operational.   
Property Management Audit (Consulting and Due Diligence)
We have designed a specialized service that aims to identify cost inefficiencies, money misallocation or risks for the properties and then advise on efficient management solution. Our team leverages on extended property management and leasing experience to carry out a comprehensive due diligence of the subject operational structure. We provide detailed information to owner and financing institution about the financial and business performance, costs, risks and opportunities for maximizing net operating income, and consequently, draw up an action plan for the management. 
Lease Administration
We provide corporate occupiers with efficient assistance and flexible management service of their leases as we seek to save their time and money. Our professionals incorporate technology, resources and wide market knowledge to simplify the entire lease administration process and thus protect our clients from undesirable billing errors or overpayments. Thanks to years of experience with commercial real estate assets we are capable of identifying critical dates, events and decisions that minimize long term lease costs. 
Asset Management
In line with our broad service platform we employ best practices to ensure you receive efficient performance monitoring and competent financial and strategic advice. We are keen to grow our clients’ investments value and we make sure they can take advantage of our transaction support and obtain complete assistance when it comes to negotiations and agreement on the creation or renewal of any tenancy, acquisitions and disposals, due diligence and investor relations.

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

At Forton, we are proud to have the competence, professional experience and indispensable market knowledge to handle each and every of our client’s needs according to the highest professional standards. Our ambition and pursuit to fulfill corporate goals is our stimulus to cope with challenges in order to help our clients make the right informed decisions that maximize the value of their real estate asset. As full-service real estate advisor we make the most out of the synergetic effects that exist between our property management and leasing teams. 

Experience and resources

Forton is a leading Bulgarian commercial property advisory company operating nationally and globally through strategic partnerships and relations with market leaders across the world. We continually expand our business activities with the aim of providing full scope of services to our clients. Our alliance partnership with Cushman & Wakefield in Bulgaria and Macedonia allows access to the best practices in 250 markets globally and almost a century of professional experience. As a member of the AG Capital group of companies, we deliver real estate solution applicable to any business scenario: from planning to development, leasing, facility management and sales.